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time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • inevitable passing of events
  • quantity of availability in time
  • measurement of a quantity of time
  • measurement under some system of the time of day or moment in time
  • youth or young adulthood
  • numerical indication of a particular moment in time
  • person's experiences or biography
  • experience
die Zeit (Pl.: die Zeiten) {f} t͡saɪ̯t
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • particular moment or hour
die Zeit (Pl.: die Zeiten) {f} t͡saɪ̯t
der Zeitpunkt (Pl.: die Zeitpunkte) {m} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌpʊŋkt
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • time of day, as indicated by a clock, etc
die Zeit (Pl.: die Zeiten) {f} t͡saɪ̯t
die Uhrzeit (Pl.: die Uhrzeiten) {f} ˈuːɐ̯ˌt͡saɪ̯t
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • instance or occurrence
das Mal (Pl.: die Male) {n} maːl
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • era
das Zeitalter (Pl.: die Zeitalter) {n} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌʔaltɐ
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • ratio of comparison
das Mal (Pl.: die Male) {n} maːl
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • to measure time
Zeit messen
Zeit nehmen
Zeit stoppen
time /taɪm/, /tɑem/, /tɜːm/
  • to choose the time for
Zeitpunkt wählen
terminieren tɛʁmiˈniːʁən
timen ˈtaɪ̯mən
zeitlich planen
every time
  • used to express a preference
immer ˈɪmɐ
every time
  • at each occasion that
immer wenn
jedes Mal
so oft
in time
  • at or before the time assigned
  • sufficiently early (for something)
rechtzeitig ˈʁɛçtˌt͡saɪ̯tɪk, ˈʁɛçtˌt͡saɪ̯tɪç
in time
  • as time passes
mit der Zeit
in time
  • at the same rhythm as (with someone/something)
Im Takt
in time
  • (music) in the correct tempo
  • in rhythm
im Takt
free time
  • time that can be spent on one's own activities rather than work
die Freizeit (Pl.: die Freizeiten) {f} ˈfʁaɪ̯ˌt͡saɪ̯t
on time
  • by installments
nach und nach
on time
  • punctually
extra time die Verlängerung (Pl.: die Verlängerungen) {f} fɛɐ̯ˈlɛŋəʁʊŋ
time zone
  • range of longitudes where a common standard time is used
die Zeitzone (Pl.: die Zeitzonen) {f} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌt͡soːnə
at times
  • on occasion, sometimes
zeitweise ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌvaɪ̯zə
time-out /ˈtaɪm.aʊt/
  • in sports
die Auszeit (Pl.: die Auszeiten) {f} ˈaʊ̯sˌt͡saɪ̯t
time-out /ˈtaɪm.aʊt/
  • break from a heated or stressful situation
die Auszeit (Pl.: die Auszeiten) {f} ˈaʊ̯sˌt͡saɪ̯t
time-out /ˈtaɪm.aʊt/
  • intentional ending of an incomplete task after a time limit
times /taɪmz/, /tɑemz/, /tɜːmz/
  • multiplied by
half time
  • interval between halves
die Halbzeit (Pl.: die Halbzeiten) {f} ˈhalpˌt͡saɪ̯t
die Pause (Pl.: die Pausen) {f} ˈpaʊ̯zə
time scale
  • series of events used as a rough measure of duration
der Zeitraum (Pl.: die Zeiträume) {m} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌʁaʊ̯m
time off
  • time without work
die Auszeit (Pl.: die Auszeiten) {f} ˈaʊ̯sˌt͡saɪ̯t
timely /ˈtaɪmli/
  • happening or appearing at the proper time
frühzeitig ˈfʁyːˌt͡saɪ̯tɪk, ˈfʁyːˌt͡saɪ̯tɪç
rechtzeitig ˈʁɛçtˌt͡saɪ̯tɪk, ˈʁɛçtˌt͡saɪ̯tɪç
zeitgemäß ˈt͡saɪ̯tɡəˌmɛːs
timely /ˈtaɪmli/
  • done at the proper time
fristgerecht ˈfʁɪstɡəˌʁɛçt
rasch ʁaʃ
rechtzeitig ˈʁɛçtˌt͡saɪ̯tɪk, ˈʁɛçtˌt͡saɪ̯tɪç
zeitnah ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌnaː
zur rechten Zeit
  • involving less than the normal time
  • of or pertaining to a specific time in the past
ehemalig ˈeːəˌmaːlɪk, ˈeːəˌmaːlɪç
  • occurring only on one occasion
einmalig ˈaɪ̯nˌmaːlɪç, ˈaɪ̯nˌmaːlɪk, ˌaɪ̯nˈmaːlɪç, ˌaɪ̯nˈmaːlɪk
call time
  • to end something
beenden bəˈʔɛndn̩
für beended erklären
call time
  • to announce the closing of a pub
die Sperrstunde ankündigen
this time
  • now, today, on this occasion
this time
  • on or near the same date (in the past or in the future)
heute in
run time
  • time during which a program is executing
die Laufzeit (Pl.: die Laufzeiten) {f} ˈlaʊ̯ft͡saɪ̯t
  • to be unfaithful to one's partner
fremdgehen ˈfʁɛmtˌɡeːən
time bomb
  • bomb with a timeout mechanism
die Zeitbombe (Pl.: die Zeitbomben) {f} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌbɔmbə
real time /ˈɹiːəl ˈtaɪm/
  • time duration
die Echtzeit (Pl.: —) {f} ˈɛçtt͡saɪ̯t
  • photographic technique
in no time
  • very soon
im Nu ɪm ˈnuː
in einem Nu
in null Komma nichts ɪn ˈnʊl ˌkɔma ˈnɪçt͡s
time clock
  • device that records times that employees start and finish work
die Stechuhr (Pl.: die Stechuhren) {f} ˈʃtɛçˌʔuːɐ̯
time limit
  • time by which something must finish
Zeitlimit {n} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌlɪmɪt
do time
  • colloquial: to spend time in prison
einsitzen ˈaɪ̯nˌzɪt͡sn̩
sitzen ˈzɪt͡sn̩
time trial
  • race in cycling
das Zeitfahren (Pl.: die Zeitfahren) {n} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌfaːʁən
  • twice over
zweimalig ˈt͡svaɪ̯maːlɪç, ˈt͡svaɪ̯maːlɪk
high time
  • very enjoyable or exciting experience or period of time
der Heidenspaß (Pl.: —) {m}
großes Vergnügen
herrliche Zeit
high time höchste Zeit
time frame
  • period of time
das Zeitfenster (Pl.: die Zeitfenster) {n} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌfɛnstɐ
full time
  • full number of hours usually worked in a day or week
die Vollzeit (Pl.: —) {f} ˈfɔlˌt͡saɪ̯t
cut time
  • meter of two minims per measure
der Allabreve (Pl.: —) {m} alaˈbʁeːvə
at a time jeweils ˈjeːvaɪ̯ls
half-time die Halbzeit (Pl.: die Halbzeiten) {f} ˈhalpˌt͡saɪ̯t
real-time /ˈɹiːəltaɪm/ die Echtzeit (Pl.: —) {f} ˈɛçtt͡saɪ̯t
time line die Zeitachse (Pl.: die Zeitachsen) {f} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌʔaksə
time-line die Zeitachse (Pl.: die Zeitachsen) {f} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌʔaksə
lead time die Vorlaufzeit (Pl.: die Vorlaufzeiten) {f} ˈfoːɐ̯laʊ̯ft͡saɪ̯t
each time jeweils ˈjeːvaɪ̯ls
time axis die Zeitachse (Pl.: die Zeitachsen) {f} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌʔaksə
time plan der Zeitplan (Pl.: die Zeitpläne) {m} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌplaːn
six times sechsmal ˈzɛksmaːl
comp time der Zeitausgleich (Pl.: die Zeitausgleiche) {m} ˈt͡saɪ̯tʔaʊ̯sˌɡlaɪ̯ç
ten times zehnmal ˈt͡seːnmaːl
timing /ˈtaɪmɪŋ/
  • time when something happens
der Zeitpunkt (Pl.: die Zeitpunkte) {m} ˈt͡saɪ̯tˌpʊŋkt
timing /ˈtaɪmɪŋ/
  • the regulation of the pace
die Kadenz (Pl.: die Kadenzen) {f} kaˈdɛnt͡s
time out
  • to end (an incomplete task) after a time limit
abschließen ˈapˌʃliːsn̩
timing /ˈtaɪmɪŋ/ das Timing (Pl.: die Timings) {n} ˈtaɪ̯mɪŋ
serve time Knast schieben knast ˈʃiːbn̩, knast ˈʃiːbm̩
spare time die Freizeit (Pl.: die Freizeiten) {f} ˈfʁaɪ̯ˌt͡saɪ̯t
time table der Fahrplan (Pl.: die Fahrpläne) {m} ˈfaːɐ̯ˌplaːn
space-time die Raum-Zeit (Pl.: —) {f} ˈʁaʊ̯mt͡saɪ̯t
five times fünfmal ˈfʏnfmaːl
time-clock die Stechuhr (Pl.: die Stechuhren) {f} ˈʃtɛçˌʔuːɐ̯
many times vielmals ˈfiːlmaːls
four times viermal ˈfiːɐ̯maːl
bonus time der Zeitausgleich (Pl.: die Zeitausgleiche) {m} ˈt͡saɪ̯tʔaʊ̯sˌɡlaɪ̯ç
waltz time der Dreivierteltakt (Pl.: —) {m} dʁaɪ̯ˈfɪʁtl̩ˌtakt
time out die Auszeit (Pl.: die Auszeiten) {f} ˈaʊ̯sˌt͡saɪ̯t
one time einmal ˈaɪ̯nmaːl
  • Spending a full amount of time
waste time
  • allow time to elapse in an unproductive manner
Zeit vergeuden
time flies
  • time seems to pass quickly
die Zeit vergeht wie im Flug
kill time
  • make time seem to pass more quickly by doing nothing important
Zeit totschlagen
prime time
  • block of television programming
Prime Time
last time
  • the previous occurrence
letztes Mal
spend time
  • dedicate time to an activity
Zeit verbringen
end times
  • the days leading up to the second coming of the Messiah
hard time
  • difficulties
schwere Zeit
take time
  • to require a long period of time
Zeit brauchen
buy time
  • purposefully cause a delay, in order to achieve something else
Zeit gewinnen
next time
  • on the following occasion
nächstes Mal
Unix time
  • system for describing instants of time
some time
  • a period of some length
geraume Zeit
time slice Zeitscheibe
time box Time box
about time
  • close to the right time
an der Zeit
about time
  • far past the desired time
endlich ˈɛntlɪç
at a time
  • in a continuous period
gleichzeitig ˈɡlaɪ̯çˌt͡saɪ̯tɪk, ˈɡlaɪ̯çˌt͡saɪ̯tɪç
  • Happening at an opportune or advantageous time
gelegen ɡəˈleːɡn̩
Deutsch English
timen ˈtaɪ̯mən
  • die Zeit (mittels einer Stoppuhr) messen
  • den passenden Zeitpunkt für etwas bestimmen
time /taɪm/, /tɜːm/, /tɑem/
Time box time box
Prime Time prime time
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