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back noun

  /bæk/ , [-k̚] , [-ˀk] , [bak] , [bax] , [bæk]
  • The rear of the body, especially the part between the neck and the end of the spine and opposite the chest and belly.
dos, revers, derrière, fin, fond
  • (sports) In some team sports, a position behind most players on the team.
  • The reverse side; the side that is not normally seen.
revers, derrière
  • That which is farthest away from the front.
fond, arrière

back adjective

  /bæk/ , [-k̚] , [-ˀk] , [bak] , [bax] , [bæk]
  • (comparable, phonetics) Pronounced with the highest part of the body of the tongue toward the back of the mouth, near the soft palate (most often describing a vowel).
derrière, postérieur
  • Situated away from the main or most frequented areas.

back verb

  /bæk/ , [-k̚] , [-ˀk] , [bak] , [bax] , [bæk]
  • (nautical, of the wind) To change direction contrary to the normal pattern; that is, to shift anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere, or clockwise in the southern hemisphere.
arrière, reculer
  • (transitive) To support.

back adverb

  /bæk/ , [-k̚] , [-ˀk] , [bak] , [bax] , [bæk]
  • (not comparable) To or in a previous condition or place.
de retour

backing noun

  • A liner or other material added behind or underneath.
plaque, support




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