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one numeral

  /oʊn/ , /wan/ , /wɒn/ , /wʌn/
  • cardinal number 1
eins, ein

on preposition

  /ɑn/ , /ɒn/ , /ɔn/ , /ɔʊn/
  • positioned at the upper surface of
auf, an
  • touching; hanging from
an, bei, auf
  • at the date of
  • used to indicate means or medium
an, in
  • paid for by
  • because of, or due to something
aufgrund, wegen
  • covering
  • dealing with the subject of
über, auf

on adverb

  /ɑn/ , /ɒn/ , /ɔn/ , /ɔʊn/
  • continuing an action
  • along, forwards (continuing an action)
  • to an operating state
an, ein

on adjective

  /ɑn/ , /ɒn/ , /ɔn/ , /ɔʊn/
  • in the state of being active, functioning or operating
an, angeschaltet, ein, eingeschaltet

oneness noun

  • state of being undivided

-on suffix

  • (physics) subatomic particles

-one suffix

  • ketone
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