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line noun

  /laɪn/ , /lɑɪn/ , [lɑe̯n]
  • A path through two or more points (compare ‘segment’); a continuous mark, including as made by a pen; any path, curved or straight.
Linie, Strich
  • A written or printed row of letters, words, numbers, or other text, especially a row of words extending across a page or column, or a blank in place of such text.
Zeile, Leine
  • (geometry) An infinitely extending one-dimensional figure that has no curvature; one that has length but not breadth or thickness.
Gerade, Linie
  • (music) One of the straight horizontal and parallel prolonged strokes on and between which the notes are placed.
Linie, Taktstrich
  • Any of an ill-defined set of units of length, varying according to the country, discipline, industry, and date of application, commonly with no indication of the intended magnitude:
Linie, Line
  • A verse (in poetry).
  • The official, stated position (or set of positions) of an individual or group, particularly a political or religious faction. [from later 19th c.]
Linie, Parteilinie
  • A letter, a written form of communication.
Zeile, ein paar Zeilen
  • A more-or-less straight sequence of people, objects, etc., either arranged as a queue or column and often waiting to be processed or dealt with, or arranged abreast of one another in a row (and contrasted with a column), as in a military formation. [from mid-16th c.]
Schlange, Reihe
  • A set of products or services sold by a business, or by extension, the business itself. [from early 19th c.]
  • A rope, cord, string, or thread, of any thickness.
Leine, Linie
  • (geography) A circle of latitude or of longitude, as represented on a map.
Breitenkreis, Längenkreis
  • A threadlike crease or wrinkle marking the face, hand, or body; hence, a characteristic mark.
Falte, Linie
  • (graph theory) An edge of a graph.
Kante, Linie
  • The wire connecting one telegraphic station with another, a telephone or internet cable between two points: a telephone or network connection.
Leitung, Linie
Pfad, Weg
  • (geometry, informal) A line segment; a continuous finite segment of such a figure.
Strecke, Gerade
  • A series or succession of ancestors or descendants of a given person; a family or race; compare lineage.
Linie, Gerade

line verb

  /laɪn/ , /lɑɪn/ , [lɑe̯n]
  • (transitive) To cover the inner surface of (something), originally especially with linen.
füttern, ausfüttern, auskleiden

line verb

  /laɪn/ , /lɑɪn/ , [lɑe̯n]
aufreihen, auslegen

lining noun

  • A covering for the inside surface of something.
  • The material used for such a covering.
Futterstoff, Futter
  • The act of attaching such a covering.

lined adjective

  • (of paper) Having lines, ruled.

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