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run verb

  /ɹʊn/ , /ɹʌn/
  • To cause to be drawn; to mark out; to indicate; to determine.
laufen, rennen, rinnen, fließen, laufen lassen
  • To have a legal course; to be attached; to continue in force, effect, or operation; to follow; to go in company.
laufen, kandidieren, antreten, anwerfen, aufgehen, betreiben
  • (intransitive) To extend in space or through a range (often with a measure phrase).
gehen, verlaufen
  • (intransitive) Of stitches or stitched clothing, to unravel.
  • (transitive) To execute or carry out a plan, procedure, or program.
  • (intransitive) To leak or spread in an undesirable fashion; to bleed (especially used of dye or paint).
  • (transitive) To print or broadcast in the media.
  • (transitive) To make something extend in space.
führen, verlaufen lassen
  • (copulative) To become different in a way mentioned (usually to become worse).
gehen, werden
  • (intransitive) Of a machine, including computer programs, to be operating or working normally.
  • (transitive) To make a liquid flow; to make liquid flow from or into an object.
laufen, laufen lassen, rinnen, tropfen
  • (transitive) To transport (someone or something), notionally at a brisk pace.
  • (transitive) To cause to move quickly or lightly.
  • (intransitive, figuratively) To move or spread quickly.
umgehen, umlaufen
  • (intransitive) Of fish, to migrate for spawning.
  • (figurative, transitive) To pass (without stopping), typically a stop signal, stop sign, or duty to yield the right of way.

run noun

  /ɹʊn/ , /ɹʌn/
  • Act or instance of running, of moving rapidly using the feet.
  • The route taken while running or skiing.
Runde, Kurs
  • A flow of liquid; a leak.
  • An enclosure for an animal; a track or path along which something can travel.
  • (chiefly, eastern, _, North Midland US, especially, Ohio, Pennsylvania) A small creek or part thereof. (Compare Southern US branch and New York and New England brook.)
Bach, Wasserlauf
Etappe, Phase, Streckenabschnitt
  • A line of knit stitches that have unravelled, particularly in a nylon stocking.
  • A production quantity (such as in a factory).
Reihe, Satz, Stange

running adjective

  • (medicine) Discharging pus.
eiternd, nässend
  • Present, current.
  • (medicine, of a nose) Discharging snot or mucus.

running noun

  • The activity of running as a form of exercise, as a sport, or for any other reason.
Laufen, Laufsport
  • The action of the verb to run.
Laufen, Rennen

runs noun

  • (slang, often with "the") Diarrhea/diarrhoea.
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